Are You Interested in Participating in Geoffrey Chapman’s Internship and Co-Op Program?

We are always on the look out for hard-working & talented people who are interested in working in a fast-paced, creative work environment as we develop & train new and established models & talent!

Geoffrey Chapman’s internship and co-op program empowers students with life skills and practical work experience that is necessary to survive in a highly competitive and challenging world. Those who participate in our internship and co-op program are more than just “interns”, our students are important members of the Geoffrey Chapman team! Here at Geoffrey Chapman, we are focused on offering an exciting and positive environment for our students to grow. Our goal is to customize your experience to provide practical opportunities that will develop skills to assist your academic program.

We are currently accepting resumes for Geoffrey Chapman internships and co-op students. Geoffrey Chapman internships and co-op placements are credit only positions (non-paying). Please note that we are flexible with accommodating your educational schedule as well as any other part-time employment commitments, however, you must be available during Geoffrey Chapman’s business hours.

If you are looking for experience in our industry and would like to apply for Geoffrey Chapman’s internship and co-op program, please send your resume to

Thank you for your interest in Geoffrey Chapman’s internship and co-op program!