Many people who are new to the industry are confused by mixed messages on what to look for while doing their research to find a reputable agency to become involved with. These frequently asked questions are here to bust some of the well-known myths regarding the industry, answer popular questions that we receive as well as to inform you of what you can expect as a professional model or actor working in the industry!

How do I choose the Right Agency?

In an industry riddled with the good and very bad, this is the most difficult decision to make. When choosing the right agency, you must rely on their knowledge and connections. For this, you would look towards their own experience. You would also examine the success level of their models & actors.

Geoffrey Chapman’s experience covers more than a thorough knowledge of the Modelling industry. He has worked in theatre, TV, film, advertising, the press media and every aspect of the fashion industry. Geoffrey Chapman has developed more success stories than others combined.

It is important to note that a reputable agency will not guarantee or promise you success or work. No one can look at you and “guarantee” that you will be a top model or actor. They can tell you that you have the potential to make it to the top but it is ultimately up to YOU!  An honest agent or scout will do their job which is to assist you in getting started, provide guidance, direction and ultimately once you are ready, will market and promote you to their industry contacts.

Everyone tells me that I should be a model. It must be true.

Today, it is so common today to be told, “You should be a Model”.  It is an everyday verbalism equal to being told that you are pretty, beautiful or good looking. When the suggestion to be a model comes from someone without any knowledge of the industry, it is a nice complement but has no legitimate validity. When someone has been told “You should be a Model” repeatedly, they may easily become confused thinking they have career potential rather than understanding that they have had a series of innocent compliments. Many years ago, you may have been told that you looked “Picture Perfect”. Would this mean you could make a career having your picture taken?

Getting an expert opinion from a modeling agent or scout is your best source for realistic advice on your potential.

Do I have what it takes to be a model?

If you think you are beautiful and that’s all that it takes – you are WRONG! In order to be a success you need to be a package deal; beautiful inside & out, great personality, skilled at your craft, experience and excellent work ethics.

No matter what your look – whether you are male or female – your body is your business and you must be healthy, fit and well-groomed. *Females note – you can be curvy & still have a toned body! In modelling, your body is the product that is being marketed and it is your job to keep your body at its best at all times!

Regardless of your physical attributes, one of the most important qualities we look for in a model or actor is PERSONALITY! There are a lot of beautiful people in this world and what separates those that are successful from the rest is an amazing personality which compliments your physical beauty! A sparkle from within that shines through and projects a positive personality, great energy, enthusiasm, motivation and professionalism. A winning combination for success!

Is there height , age & size requirements?

This depends on the market you are interested in pursuing.

Please have a look at the Apply Online page for detailed information.

Why is Personality so important?

People in the industry have to LIKE you in order to want to work with & for you! This includes parents too! Agents & clients only want to work with nice, professional models & talent with great, warm and friendly personalities.

Do I have to spend a lot of money to model?

Actors & Models are considered self employed and are independent contractors. New people are in essence starting their own business. When you are opening a new business, you must invest in that business for it to succeed.


With that being said, you are going to need the tools of the trade to work in a professional enviroment, such as photos/portfolio, talent resume and various types of printed material depending on your type (i.e.; actor head shots, comp cards, business cards).  You will also be responsible for the costs directly associated with your internet marketing, promotions, publicity and advertising.  This is all standard to the industry.

But, I’ve heard that if an agency likes you “they will pay for everything”.

NO. This a common mistaken belief. An agency is not a bank and should not be expected to advance or loan money to a new model or actor starting out in the industry. Agencies do not pay start up costs for aspiring models and actors to get started.

Your agency will spend time (which is money!) guiding, developing and promoting you throughout the various stages of your career therefore you must show your agency that you are serious about a career in modelling/acting and invest in yourself by obtaining the required promotional tools that your agent will need to promote you and that the clients will expect you to have, as a professional model or actor. These promotional tools are YOUR responsibility to pay for. For example, in modelling, models must have an up to date, marketable portfolio and comp cards (also known as a model’s business card) and for actors, a talent headshot & resume is required (resume should contain any training and experience you may have in the field of acting). Once you are sought after on an international level and are ready to work for top clients, some international agencies may advance flight/airline tickets &/or accommodations and offer 2 or 3 month contracts to models to travel to their country to work although this depends on the agency, the market you may be traveling to, your training, your experience, etc.  If an international agency advances funds to a model (for photos, accommodations, transportation, etc.), it is a loan. The model will have to pay back this money whether he/she works or not. Models need to be aware and responsible for their expenses.

YOU, as a professional model or actor, are the product being marketed and sold to clients therefore these promotional tools are necessary and are YOUR responsibility to pay for!

Do I have to pay for any photo shoots, training, etc.?

If you are brand new to the industry, have no national or international experience, no client base and are just getting started then you will have to invest in yourself.  Certain service fees do apply when working with certain industry professionals; i.e.: photographers, hair & make-up artists, stylists, coaches,  teachers.  We utilize top working professionals to help guide our new models and actors so that they can make a solid start on their career.   We negotiate the best rates for our talent. In addition, it is important that you realize every talent is different as it pertains to their market and what they need to get started.

How much money can a model make?

Of course it varies according to the type of work, market itself, plus many other factors. A model’s income can range from a zero dollar income to a seven-digit salary.

But, I just want to be in “_______” CATALOGUE.

Remember, these companies are veteran businesses. They use professional models and only when they are represented through legitimate, established agencies. A model has to get to a strong professional level in modelling even to be considered for this type of work.

Should I get my child into modelling?

The #1 reason to put your child into modelling is for them – because they ENJOY it. Secondly, for the self-improvement, the poise, the confidence and the valuable life experiences they will gain modelling (which may include building the foundation for their career – perhaps in modelling or acting). Parents who think they have the most beautiful child and are going to “get rich” off their child or have the obsession to see their child in a magazine, catalogue etc., should not put their child into modelling.